Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Warm Hands (Snow in Europe vs South)

I'm sitting here looking out the window at the snow and notice something strange.  People are going about their daily lives. What?!  Are they crazy? Don't they realize there is snow on the ground!

Where I lived in America (Charlotte, NC), we seldom get snow, and when we do, there is total panic.  People will storm the stores buying up all the bread and milk that they can get their hands on.  I understand the bread in case your power goes out you can at least have sandwiches.  The milk I am not so sure about...possibly to make snow cream (fresh snow, milk and vanilla flavoring).

Schools close.  Businesses will either close or have a delayed start for the day.  And the local weatherman is on TV 24 hours a day.  In our defense, we get so little snow in the South that cities do not have the resources to handle it when it comes so it is safer to keep everyone home.

I've been impressed with our town here in Slovakia that they seem to keep the roads cleared pretty well.  Of course, it helps that we can walk the kids to school and walk to the grocery store if needed.

My wife always told me (as a joke) that when we lived in Charlotte that I was not allowed to wear gloves unless it snowed.  I can now wear gloves all the time here during the winter.  My hands are at least thankful for that.


  1. One positive about Slovakia -warm hands :))))

  2. Wait for February, you will see what snow in Slovakia means :)

  3. Will enjoy reading you and your family's blog!