Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Taste of America: Cornbread Recipe

When I was young, my dad used to put cornbread in a glass of butter milk and eat it with a spoon. And though I don't like butter milk, I used to love it when he did that because it meant I got to eat the rest of the cornbread.

I've been missing cornbread while living in Slovakia but I just recently discovered corn meal in one of the local grocery stores and decided to make it from scratch. (Here is the recipe from Betty Crocker)

It ended up pretty good.  My kids were excited and my son even helped to make it.  My wife had to keep telling them to eat the rest of the meal as they only wanted to eat the cornbread.

There's nothing like a little taste of home. So, here's a piece of cornbread in your honor dad!


  1. It was really good like the one you used to do in USA. Proud of you.

  2. We'd be happy to send you some ingredients, if you'd like! :)